What is the test? What is the lesson?

After a speaking engagement, well over a year ago, a gentleman approached me to give me his compliments on my message and delivery. We got to talking about life and learning and he shared with me something he had taught his children. He said that in school we are taught lessons, so that we can take a test, but in life it’s the opposite. We are given tests, so that we can be taught lessons. What an insightful perspective shift!

That insight has stuck with me and has been such an encouraging perspective to grab onto, as I have gone through the tests of life. The way that I have used it is to first recognize when I am in a test. Rather than be overwhelmed with the challenges life throws at me, I recognize and acknowledge that the challenge is there as a test, to teach me a lesson. I stay awake to that, throughout the entire test taking process. Sometimes, the bigger the test, I will actually say out loud, “This is just test. It’s here to teach me a lesson. What is the lesson? What am I learning? What else can I learn?”

Sometimes the tests of life come in the form of a circumstance. Sometimes they come in the form of a difficult person. What challenge or difficulty are you dealing with right now? Remember, it is just a test to teach you a lesson. What lesson are you learning?

Much of the learning comes in the reflection, which is why it is so important to recognize the tests we are taking and to step out of our test to reflect on what is happening and to reflect on what is the lesson? What is the learning?

One of the great things about the tests in life, which is contrary to the tests in school, is that our grades are not final. Until we get an A, life will offer us the same test, again and again, and if we are willing to learn the lesson, we will gain the knowledge, skill and ability to pass the test.

So, what’s your test today? What tests will you face this week? Be sure to remember the tests are here to teach us lessons and they will keep on coming, until we learn all that we need to learn.

Wishing you great learning and fun today and this week as you take the tests of life and learn great lessons to empower you, make you wiser and stronger!

With Love and Volition,