What’s your target?

Whatever we focus on grows and becomes magnified. Focus can be both a very powerful yet disempowering tool. The determining factor is: WHAT ARE YOU FOCUSING ON?

What are your thoughts gravitating to right now? Are they gravitating toward fear, doubt and worry or are they gravitating toward hope, inspiration and purpose? Take a piece of paper and pen and jot down the thoughts that are floating inside your mind. BE HONEST with yourself. Clarity and awareness is power, so be cognizant of what those thoughts really are. You are not your thoughts, so do not make any judgments based on your thoughts. They are just thoughts. When you get really clear on what thoughts you are having, many of those thoughts will naturally correct themselves to be in alignment with what you really want, just with the awareness you created through honesty. So, again, I urge you, BE HONEST with what those thoughts are.

Now notice, what is the heart of all those thoughts? What is the pull? Is that pull what you want it to be? Most often it is not because without intention our thoughts are simply on autopilot, defaulting to whatever our environment has provoked attention to. So, let’s regain intention and get back in he driver’s seat of our focus. WHAT IS IT THAT YOU REALLY WANT? What is most important to you? What is your target? What do you choose to move toward?

Use this Target Form to create your focus? What’s in each of the rings of your target? What is your bull’s-eye? Once you have chosen what your target is, now create thoughts that support what you are going after, so that your pull takes you exactly where you want to go. Post your target up at your office, in your day planner, in your car, or on your refrigerator. Maintain focus of what really matters most to you and be certain that whatever you focus on will be magnified. Choose to focus on what you want to create for your life, rather than what you are trying to avoid.
Make this week your most productive and prosperous week of the year with great focus and empowering intention. Share with me what your bull’s-eye is. I’d love to hear!