You matter

It's just three days before Christmas and ten days before the completion of 2014. I'm guessing the next few days are quite busy for you, as it can feel like "time is running out" during the holidays. With that being said, I am going to be brief today.

I have one simple message for you and I hope it helps you start the day and week out on the positive. That message is THANK YOU!

I would like to thank you for the way that you contribute to me, my life, my family, and my work. You matter to me probably more than you know. You make a difference for me each and every Monday and also during the week.

“What?” you might be pondering. “How do I matter to you?”

Well, I’ll tell you. You see, writing the weekly Monday Motivation is something I think about throughout the week, not just during the times that I sit down to write.  As I think about the message, I am actually thinking about you, “What would be useful for him/her/them? What would make a difference?” In thinking about you, I’m cultivating care, kindness and love in my heart. That feels good. It transitions my selfish attention off of me  and onto you. So, writing the weekly motivation to share with you helps ME. As a Monday Motivation subscriber, you help me, each and every week.

There are many weeks when I don’t feel like writing the weekly message or I think that I have nothing to offer, but then I think of you and the positive responses I get each week and I just discipline myself to sit down and write. Each and every time, when I am done with the message, I feel inspired. I feel motivated. I get encouraged. You help me and for that, you need to know how much you matter to me, just by being a subscriber.

We all matter to each other, so let’s remember that today, during the busy holiday season. Be sure to pause and take a moment, many times through out the day to show someone they matter, and not just in words but in actions.  Look the cashier in the eye as you check out at the grocery store. When they ask you, “Did you find everything you need?” don’t just give the autopilot answer. Make a connection in your own authentic way. Show that person that they matter.

Let’s all finish the year off with the awareness that each person matters and let’s be sure to show them and tell them.

I promised I’d be short, so in closing I ask, please take a moment right now to receive my gratitude. Receive my thank you. I appreciate you. You matter and you make a difference for me!

Merry Christmas, with Love and Volition,