Our organizations are filled with examples of people who want to live out their purpose but for a reason or another they don’t. These people feel unfulfilled, living at a fraction of their life potency. The result is often a lower net profit for any organization, and a void that affects the rest of us.


This type of coaching is for executives, managers, supervisors, and corporate leaders. Leadership coaching is meant to improve your level of influence and reinforce your ability to lead successful teams.

This type of coaching is for employees, staff members, and teams. Team coaching is meant to help those needing to improve their work dynamics in order to meet deadlines, achieve goals, and strengthen moral. This is a great solution for turnover and retention.

This type of coaching is for individuals or small groups in sales. Sales Coaching is meant to increase productivity and achieve higher results in sales.

This type of coaching is meant for individuals wanting to see positive change, decrease in stress, and personal goals met. Individual coaching is meant to achieve work/life balance and showcase Corry Mendoza’s belief that not all minutes are created equal. In this type of coaching we are looking to increase impact and decrease overwhelm.

This type of coaching is for those relationships that may be on the rocks. These relationships can be anything from family relationships, marriages, partners, friends, or divorced couples with or without children. Relationship coaching is meant to make the tough conversations easy, address the elephants in
the room, improve communication, and increase a positive connection.