Compliment Seeds

On Today’s Monday Motivation, Corry discusses Compliment Seeds with Carmen Gomez.

Carmen Gomez is an entrepreneur who owns a successful insurance agency and an author who co-wrote the book Destiny Talks. She’s also a Professional Life Coach and a Psych-K Facilitator who helps guide people to achieve their goals, as well as assisting them in releasing beliefs they have that no longer serve them. She is certain she’s living her life’s purpose and finds it very rewarding to be a source for people who seek to achieve better results for themselves. She loves being part of their personal development journey by sharing her knowledge, experiences, techniques, and tools so they can create the life they love. Learn more about Carmen and what she does at

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“Everybody likes a compliment.”

Abraham Lincoln

Compliment Seeds

Our words create. Once a word is spoken, it is like planting a seed in the ground. In time, that seed will grow and produce. What type of seeds are you planting? What type of words are you speaking? Are you planting seeds that will grow into beautiful and bountiful flowers, or are you planting seeds that will grow into weeds?

Take notice of the words you are speaking about yourself and others. Make the decision to spread compliments throughout your day. You never know what effect one of your compliments will have on another person.

The habit of giving out compliments is something you can develop. All it starts with is a decision to pay out compliments. You may want to start with those closest to you and then increase it to one stranger a day. You may make a game of it to see how many compliments you can give in a day. Just by deciding to give out compliments, you will begin to notice more opportunities to pass them out. When you notice something to compliment, speak up. Just say it. Paying compliments is one of the most effective and rewarding ways to increase appreciation and abundance in your life. Watch and see how it makes you feel. Watch and see the other person’s face brighten up.

Send compliments in a handwritten note or email. Those are treasures, and I save all my compliments. I have a file folder filled with handwritten notes people gave me over the years. I also have a folder in my email called Compliments. I often read the encouraging words people have sent me, which always picks me up and inspires me. Save the compliments you receive in a file or in your inbox folder to access for down days. You will be amazed at how much joy and hope they bring you.

There’s no better way to increase your joy, happiness, and prosperity than to be generous with your compliments, so plant compliment seeds today!

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