avoid stagnant and regressive habits

Volition offers solutions with educational support that challenges unproductive organizations, teams, and individuals to increase impact in the workplace. Consultants and coaches with Volition encourage their clients to avoid stagnant and regressive habits by motivating them to implement the power of choice into their lives. These advanced ways of thinking will not only affect work performance, but will also allow personal time to be more satisfying. Volition’s goal is to enhance relationships, not replace them.


Volition (voh-lish-uhn):

A choice or decision made by will.

  • Volition works with organizations that need to create positive change in their teams and leadership dynamics.

  • Our coaching programs provide a platform of support and skill building opportunities through one on one coaching sessions.

  • As visionary and founder of Volition INC., Corry Ann Mendoza is a highly sought after speaker.

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